Are you:
  • Soul searching?
  • A Boomer looking toward retirement?
  • Part of the “sandwich generation”?
  • An empty nester?
  • A retiree navigating the next phase?
  • A professional or caregiver working with seniors? 
  • Interested in astounding breakthroughs in brain research?
  • Open to new ideas?
  • Willing to try new approaches to daily life?


Soul Spa
will help you navigate the passages of mid-life to find meaning and purpose in the aging process.

Join us for a Soul Spa Retreat and design your own blueprint. Explore your choices. Learn new habits. Plan for the life you want.

Learn to be mindful, grounded, self-aware, responsive to others. It’s as simple as identifying priorities, developing a plan and sticking to it, one day at a time. Soul Spa will show you how.

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